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DDJ-SX mixer settings and Rekordbox

Everytime I start up Rekordbox with the DDJ-SX connected, all mixer and FX knobs are in the middle position and all the faders are turned up. This is regardless of the knob and fader positions on the DDJ-SX. So every time I want to play I first have to touch every knob and fader on the hardware to make it sync with the software.

With Serato, the software "reads" the hardware and automatically reflects the knob and fader positions.

I thought this might be due to a setting somewhere in Rekordbox but I can't find anything.

I'm running Rekordbox 5.7 and the DDJ-SX with the latest drivers and firmware.

I'm pretty sure this wasn't the case in the past but I had an old 5.4 version that I tried and it's the same.

I've tried reinstalling drivers and firmware on the DDJ-SX and even used another computer but the problem remains.

Any advice please?

Kenneth Answered

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@Kenneth > The software does not poll the hardware for its position, and the value state of the hardware is only transmitted upon first movement, so it must be touched in order for the position to be known, regardless of rekordbox or Serato.

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Thanks for the reply!

I could've sworn it used to be different. Feels like mind is playing tricks on me...
Could it be that the settings of EQ, gain etc were saved on exiting Rekordbox in the past? So that the settings were the same as you left them the next time you started Rekordbox in performance mode? The way that crossfader assignment, key lock and quantize settings are saved now? 

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