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Macbook won't read input signal from DJM750 for recording

Hello, I'd really appreciate some help with this issue, I'm going crazy!!!!! I'm trying to record into my macbook with Audacity from my DJM 750/ CDJ 900s...

  • My macbook isn't read an input signal from DJM750 for recording in my sound preferences when plugged in via USB, or in Audacity as an option, however it is seen by the Pioneer driver (please see screenshot 1 below) 
  • The driver I downloaded was for High Sierra, and I'm on Mojave, although I've seen that it should now be compatible online - please correct me if I'm wrong
  • I'm wondering if I have the CDJs / DJM connected incorrectly?? I haven't used a LAN Switch, so I'm wondering if I skipped a stage when setting up... I plugged the two CDJs straight into each other
  • Please see pictures below of how my DJM is currently connected up (I have also tried switching the front switch above the trim nob to USB)
  • I have plugged my monitors into the 'Booth' inputs on the DJM, and sound works fine in headphones & monitor out of these
  • I'm also wondering if I need to be plugging anything into the Control panel as it says on the DJM manual, but I can't understand which cable that might be, and they seem to be working without

Any help would be so so appreciated 

Yasmine Balfour-Lynn Answered

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1) When you installed the drivers, did you allow them through the Mojave security? If not, you will need to uninstall / reinstall the drivers and then give them permission.

2) Have you allowed Audacity through the security to record audio? If not, go into the system preferences and check this box:

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