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PC Master Out no Microphone sound.

Hi i got myself an DDJ 1000 and using it with RekordBox

I usw the PC Master Out option to get my Main Singnal to the PC for Streaming on Radios etc. But for some reasons the Microphone Singnal will not be send ?

I Connectet the Mic to the Mic 1 Balanced input on the DDJ

I can hear myself speaking over the headphones that are connectet to the DDJ

But the Singal dosent go through the PC Master Output, did i set anything false?

ore is ther just not the Option to get the Mic signal send ?


LKYI Answered

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The microphone is not routed in to the computer, so it would not be captured in the recording. Please consider using a second audio interface to record / stream the output from the DDJ.

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