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Help with MIDI mapping on DDJ-RZ using MacBook spacebar command


As I'm am performing as a DJ I find it hard to get a good visual overview over my tracks since I switched to the 4 deck view in Rekordbox. There is a command on my MacBook Air keyboard that makes this happen. When tapping spacebar it goes into "(Full) Browser" view and makes it much easier to find the right track. I would like to use the "Shift+Back" command Area, for this window-view change.

(You find this when selecting at the top view on rekordbox)

I have tried to google my way around this and to find the correct MIDI output number to achieve this change of window inside Rekordbox but without any luck. 

Is this possible to achieve or must I continue to reach over for the spacebar on my MacBook?

Best regards,

DJ Axiion

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