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Rekordbox 5.8 Export Speed

I am suffering with very very poor export speeds whilst using the new version of Rekordbox. We are talking a couple of hours for a few gigabytes.

I'm using a Sandisk Extreme 3.1 in my Macbook Pro. I do not know why it has got so bad of late. 

Please can someone talk me though some remedies as it's becoming a real problem when I have gigs to prepare for?


Calum Somerville

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Try reformatting the drive and export everything from scratch; I used 5.8.0 to export over 7000 songs (I think it was about 66GB) in testing for another user the other night, and my SanDisk Extreme Pro 3.0 took just about 15 minutes to do it, so it's not rekordbox causing the problems.

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