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I can't drag song into players when using Rekordbox



I have a 2 Pioneer CDJ-2000Nxs and a DJM-200nxs (1st gen).  I have the latest firmware on my players and latest version of rekordbox.  My music is on an external Lacie drive which I've used for a few years without problems.  

I just upgraded my Max OS to Catalina but it appears there should not be any issues based on the latest updates.  I don't use music from iTunes/Music.  Now when I have my Pro-DJ-Link on and see my mixer and two cdjs I cannot for the life of me get any songs loaded into Rekordbox.  

I can read music from USB or SD card directly connected to the player.  I tried doing the same with music on my computer instead of the external drive and that doesn't work.  

Any suggestions would be appreciated.  



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