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DJS-1000 | Turn Off the White Flash That Happens During Pad Press

I perform a lot of fast finger drumming on the DJS-1000 and it would be nice if I could turn off the white flash, as when I'm going fast between pads the colors become less pronounced and when switching between scenes it can just make keeping track of things while drumming more difficult.

It would also be nice if when turning the white flash off, you could have all pads be at full brightness with their individual track colors. As it stands right now, only the selected pad is at full brightness at any given moment.

I hope this makes sense, and I would think could be a feature easily added on the software side, so I really really hope you take it into consideration.

I love my DJS-1000!! Absolutely one of the funnest pieces of kit I've ever owned! =)

spencer johansen

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