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Rekordbox 5.8.0 - Analyzing delete all Tags for Release Date - TEAM PIONEER - PLEASE READ THIS, GIVE ANSWER AND DO NOT LONGER IGNORE THIS !!!


this is now the third time I've written over the same a error. They have always so far date ignored it and given no answer. For almost 6 weeks now I am waiting for an answer. Meanwhile, version 5.8.0 was released and the error is still not resolved:


Meanwhile I have lost the information for the release date of almost all tracks. It is automatically deleted when analyzing tracks with Rekordbox. It can only be prevented if you analyze tracks with the status "read-only" (Protected). Then, however, no data how the key for the tone detection is written or entered.

Slowly I feel really annoyed about their Kind and ignorance to deal with such things. If it's their understanding of service, then I must to say, it was a mistake from me to decided me for Pioneer devices. In this Point, i expect something different from Pioneer! If you do not want to answer then you give me the possibility to contact your supervisor.

Can you confirm mistakes? Yes or no?
If yes, when will you fix the error?

It can not be that difficult to get an answer to the two questions or to give a short statement on the facts.

As long as this bug is not fixed, I will not be able to analyze tracks with Rekordbox anymore.

W. K.

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Sorry, but we weren't ignoring your other posts - I actually found that they were flagged in our moderation queue for some reason, which is why there was no response to them.

What is the filetype you're analysing that has this occur?

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It's ok, mistakes happen! :)

I only use MP3 files. All MP3 files are affected, regardless of whether constant bitrate of 320kbps, or varriale bitrate
After analyzing, the tags and entries with the data for the Release date are deleted for all MP3 files.

Do not hesitate to ask if you need more information.

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