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Pro Link via Usb

Hey guys thought i share something with you all. I discovered something intresting  with the new 5.8.0 update....

With Rekordbox

So if you use PRO LINK Via usb with your computer or laptop..

what happenes once swtich on your cdjs nxs2 then load rekordbox no option shows up for pro link when your in export mode.....

never seem to be the case b4 update.

It use to work pressing link on your cdjs then the option for Link would appear on rekordbox.. 

now does not do that for me now you have to make sure your cdjs are off then open rekorbox then swtich on the cdjs then few secs the option for Link appears then it works..

Hope this helps everyone.

like to add its nothing do with performance mode....

Just pro link via export mode


James Cooper

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