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New Pioneer FX Module Proposal

Hi Pioneer, I would like to propose what could be a new product of the brand.

As a user that I am of the fantastic DDJ 1000 with which I play a lot with the Beat FX module, but I miss the possibility of using more than one effect at the same time as if it could be done in the DDJ RX or RR, I know that There are two FX pads and you can combine with the beat FX, but it's not the same, at least for me.

That is why I send you this suggestion, take out a product only with the functions that are seen in the photo you sent, many users of the new DDJ 200, 400, 800 and 1000 models and even many users of XDJ RR, RX, RX2 and RZ .

Right now for this I am using a mapped midi controller, but if I had had such a Pioneer product on the market, I would have bought it without hesitation.



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