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i have had a dangerous problem for a long time .. especially now lately..I have a DDJ SX3. I'm working on serato .. Win 10 .. the latest version of serato did all the updates .. now what's going on .. The music goes, the sound just disappears as if someone had dropped my channel. The tape goes to the computer all normal ?? But at that moment, I can't tape the tape. The controller does not listen until the sound returns .. and it takes about 4-5 seconds .. sometimes it happens to be ejected 2 times during a party and sometimes like now for the last couple of days every 30 seconds .. I couldn't work at all. But there are days and when it works out, it confuses me. And it doesn't happen on the same lanes, no rules anymore .. and one more thing, last night I noticed when it stopped, the channels were down. I worked on Boot, and the Boot remained amplified for some 30 - 40% irrelevant, the channels were shore but the music was heard ?? So there is a hell of a .. I don't understand what's going on? I can't solve the problem.

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Pioneer???my controller has no black dot. the sound disappears and comes on its own .. it's gone for 3 to 5 seconds and then comes back. What is the problem, please answer because I cancel appearances looking for a solution !!!

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