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Recordbox Lighting issues

Hi there, 

I am really disappointed after purchasing and trying out the RB-DMX1 - so much that I am currently not using it - I'd rather keep the fixtures on sound to light. 

However I hope it keeps improving, so I keep it and hope the software gets good enough so that at some point I can use it. 

- When editing in LIGHTING-mode, it keeps crashing pretty often

- I want a way that somehow my lights can be controlled without playing any music - stationary. When there is no music, I don't want the lights to be totally off. I don't like to do a workaround to have a silent-track playing - I really don't wanna start like this. 

- It is really important to me that my moving heads can be restricted to a certain area easily, because each booking, I have to configure it again for the new location. At the moment I tried to restrict it with "Pattern", however I need to fix it in every single Scene for every single moving head, which is not doable - also the X-Offset and Y-Offset values are restricted to 0 to 255 - however the right area may not be inside these values. Lightrider is a lot easier there. You can just restrict the area with a rectangle for each moving head without knowing any maths or restricting curves to any values. This is it. At the moment this is not possible with RB-Lighting. 

- One of my fixtures, the Eurolite LED Multi FX Laser Bar has laser, LED and strobo. I am really disappointed that I can not approach the LEDs or strobo using RB-Lighting, but only the laser, although it is added to your fixture library, which gives the impression that it is supported. Now I have to read that "all-in-one lighting systems, aren't supported". 

- Varytec LED Derby ST is also included in your fixture library, however only colors are working, but rotate or pattern is not. 

- "Rotate" is currently only adjustable and automate it in things of speed. At the moment it is not possible to rotate in the other direction, which is pretty bad. It must be possible to reverse the direction of the rotation. 

DJ Nick Otronic Not planned

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