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Macbook Air 2019 and DDJ1000 4 decks

Hi, I currently have a MacBook Pro 2015 which I use for DJing. Will the MacBook air (2019) be able to handle 4 deck rekordbox with the ddj 1000 controller? It has 8gb ram, dual core 1.6ghz boost to 3.7ghz. 2nd question, does the controller do most of the labour intensive work? Or is it primarily pc/software based? Many thanks
Kyle Blyth

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You're fine, you Air is with in spec for rekordbox DJ (4GB Ram minimum).  The controller is sending signals to the program which is responding and carrying out those commands, I would say it is more on the machine in that it performs the final result.


I use a 2013 MacBook Air with 4GB Ram and have had 0 problems running rekordbox...

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