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CDJ-2000NXS showing E-7001 Error after Firmware Update


I have two CDJ-2000NXS. Couple of months ago I decided to update the firmware of my players to version 1.43.

So I followed the instructions as per Pioneer and put the latest firmware into a clean USB and started updating the players. Player 1 installed the new firmware successfully and is fully functional. 

While Player 2 also apparently installed the new firmware, I noticed that approximately 10-15 seconds after turning on Player 2 I get an error saying "E-7001: DISC DRIVE ERROR". And the error does not go away. I could still load songs from my USB and DJ as usual but because of the Error message being displayed (which never goes away), I cannot see the track waveform and other details. Then I noticed that all of a sudden Player 2 does not accept discs. If i try to insert a disc, it simply won't go in. Where as before the firmware update, Player 2 would accept discs and there were no error before. 

I tried factory resetting Player 2 but it didn't help. I re-downloaded the firmware and tried re-installing the firmware from a different USB but that didn't work either. I noticed whenever the firmware is being installed, the progress bar for MAIN, PANEL and GUI reaches 100% but the DRIVE gets stuck at 20% for a minute or so and then jumps to 100% and then says firmware has been installed. But still the error stays. Nothing like this happened for Player 1. All the problems happened in Player 2.

Note that both the players are in mint condition. Never spilled anything on it, never bashed, bumped into anything. They have never been outside my room. Working in perfect condition until after the firmware upgrade, Player 2 shows error 7001.

I've tried finding solutions online but couldn't find any that worked. Hence, I'm asking for help here. 


Daivat Patel

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