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Rekordbox 5.8.1 needs long time to load a track via DJ Link on CDJ-2000NXS


i have exactly the same problem like other users wrote here in forum.

I use rekordbox 5.8.1 on Windows 10 with latest updates installed linked with 2x CDJ-2000NXS player.


i can navigate my playlists and scroll down in normal speed, but if i try to select a track for playing it takes arround 10 seconds the track is loaded on the cdj-2000nxs.

the display instantly shows the waveform and 2 seconds later the waveform disapear and "now loading---" is flashing arround 6 times on the display before i can start the track.

also if i try to load it via rekordbox GUI to the player directly it needs some seconds until i see that the track is in CUE mode...



If the track was loaded sucessfully and i play the track, i can't search it... if i press forward search it hangs several times... after it continoued... it feels like the network connection between the player and the rekordbox is like a 56k modem. it is not possible to perform in this way...


few weeks ago, this problem was not there!
so it looks like it correlate with my last update to rekordbox 5.8.1

i also tried to shut down firewall and whatever on my windows 10 computer, but doesn't help. Also tried to priorise the rekordbox processes to real-time, but also doesn't help...

i also tried to install rekordbox 5.6.0 again beside 5.8.1 but also with 5.6.0 this problem happens now....

any idea whats going on here?

Denny Crane

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