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XDJ-XZ audio routing in performance mode

Good morning!

The XDJ-XZ was sold like it could connect to everything and work flawlessly! This was a slight fib.

When connecting to rekordbox performance mode, the pad FX aren't post fader, meaning they sound slightly 'off beat' and terrible.

Can we please please please make the audio routing the same as the DDJ-1000?


Raymondbell1985 Answered

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I understand - and their response is that unfortunately the XDJ-XZ was designed as a stand-alone unit with the ability to control rekordbox performance mode, not as a rekordbox controller as its primary function. As such, some features won't operate as you may find on other devices (such as a controller), whose audio is actually mixed internally. As a result, the pad FX can not be operated as post-fader, but the built-in beat FX on the XZ are pretty amazing (and they can be used post-fader).

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The audio interface and routing is a bit different on the XZ, but I'll pass this to the team for review.

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This upsets massively.

Sold as 'Flexible Media Support' and 'Connect to Rekordbox DJ'. But that's not unique is it? I can connect to Rekordbox DJ with any MIDI controller! I just wouldn't be able to use the jogs.

I agree that the built in FX are amazing, but I can only use one at a time and can't quickly switch between them with my desired parameters already set.

Now I'm too far down the line for a refund.

Let's hope that someone on eBay is looking for one for Christmas!


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