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Help with Tempo range!!

Okay so I’ve brought my pioneer DDJ-400 and due to the tempo sliders being quite small on this particular controller, I’m having a hard time beat matching perfectly. For example if I want to get to 128bpm it’s really difficult to get it bang on that it’s always like 128.3 etc. I’ve changed my tempo range to 6. Yet still having this issue. I’ve got another software that I used to have which I could select 8. I could usually line them up no problems. Guess my question is, is there anywhere I can set the tempo range to 8? If not, how can I get over this problem do I just have to buy a new controller with bigger sliders or what? Thanks!
Matthew Jackson

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my suggestion is use tempo sliders to get close to target BPM - then hit sync button to lock onto master BPM then press sync again to turn sync off. you are then on the correct BPM and slider is in roughly the correct position for when you want to manually move track back to original BPM. hope this makes sense !

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