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PLX-1000 platter doesn't spin

I have 4 Pioneer PLX-1000 turntables that I bought about 3 years or so ago when it was still a newer product. I bought them from Guitar Center, and I had an issue with one of them originally where the platter would scrape on the bottom. I had taken a break from DJing recently and hadn't used the turntables for a few months. Last night, I tried to spin some records and discovered that the platter wouldn't spin on one of my four turntables. The LEDs all light up, aside from the one on the start/stop button, and all the pitch controls change the LEDs as would be expected. Since I'm probably now outside of my warranty period, what are my options for getting this thing fixed? Are there any trouble shooting steps I should perform outside of just swapping out the power cables? I spent good money on these turntables expecting them to be reliable, and it's not like the decks have been heavily used or abused anything. I keep the dust covers on them and I am pretty gentle with how I handle the unit, so I don't think this is really a normal wear and tear type issue. 

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@Daniel > I'm sorry to hear about that - unfortunately there's not much in the way of troubleshooting; as long as your platter is not pressed down against the housing (which would take quite a bit of force), there's nothing else physical that should prevent the motor from spinning. This would likely point to a problem with the motor, a control board, or simply a loose cable. We're unable to provide technical detail on disassembly or repair of your equipment here on the forum, so I'll direct you to contact one of our Pioneer DJ authorized service centres in your region to have your PLX inspected and/or repaired. They can give you info on their bench fees and estimates on repair costs.

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