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PLX 500 recording distorted and sped up

I have tried recording a few records into rekorbox and they all sound sped up and distorted. Can't seem to find any fixes online. I am using the latest version of rekordbox.

Any help would be appreciated. 


David Johnston

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Try changing the setting on the PLX-500, it should be on Line and not Phono.

Jay 0 votes
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Thanks for the reply.

Just checked the setting it was on Line. Switched it to Phono and back just to be sure and the same problem still happens.

Everything sounds alright through the turntable and speakers it's just the playback through rekordbox once I finish recording. 

David Johnston 0 votes
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I also had my problem, but the solution is simple (and this topic should come in the manual) Florian gave the solution:

"@Florian > Please try the following:

  • Remove the USB cable connecting PLX-500 and your computer.
  • Open [Control Panel] > [Hardware and sound] > [Sound].
  • From the [Sound] tab, select the device selected as [Default Device] and click [Properties].
  • From [Advanced] > [Default Format], check the sample rate in 「XXXXX Hz」 and close the [Properties] window.
  • Plug the USB cable back to your computer and connect it to PLX-500.
  • From [Sound] window > [Recording], select [Line USB AUDIO CODEC] and click [Properties].
  • Click [Advanced] > [Default Format] and select the same sample rate value [XXXXX Hz] as you checked in the above ④. Then, click [OK] and close the window.
    Please make sure not to select anything which includes [1 channel].
  • Close the [Sound] window and record the playback on rekordbox.

(Antonio): Important note: it is also necessary to put the correct sampling frequency here (Recordbox):




Antonio Vagos 0 votes
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