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Add '1.1 Bars' button in Export mode



Can you add the '1.1 Bars' button to Export mode? Currently, if working in export mode and would like to mark a point in time as 1.1, you need to:

1) Switch to Performance mode

2) Click '1.1. Bars' if it is visible (Most of the time it is not - instead, there is a 'Set' button that automatically changes the grid to 120 regardless of current grid tempo, so before you even see '1.1 Bars', you have to press 'Set', then hit the undo arrow to get back to previous grid, then it will show the '1.1 Bars' button)

3) Switch back to Export mode


Switching between modes takes up a lot of time in the long run, so this would be very helpful. Thank you!

Kevin Quaranta Jr

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