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Please Help!!! RekordBox USB Device Visibility Issue -- Shows Under Explorer Not Device

Hi — hoping someone can help me with this as I have a NYC NYE gig tomorrow. Entering panic mode as more & more time passes.

I upgraded my OS (macCatilina) and Rekordbox (v5.8.1) and now my USB drives (all 8 of them) are not showing up/recognized under ‘Devices’ in Rekordbox. So to clarify, my laptop recognizes the USBs, and in RekordBox itself the USBs will show up under ‘Explorer’. The USBs just won’t show up under ‘ Devices’ — so I can’t get any of my new music onto flash drives from Rekordbox.

I’ve erased and reformatted the flash drives and have tried everything I’m reading on YouTube, forums, etc, and I just can’t figure out what’s going on.

They are all set to FAT32, and have previously worked on various CDJ models and my XDJ-RX2 at home.

I’m at a loss and it is preventing me from prepping for tomorrow. Does anyone know the way to have it show up under ‘Devices’ in RekordBox?!

Dan Nguyen Answered

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@Dan > You need to go into the System Preference > Security & Privacy > Privacy tab > Files & Folders > Click rekordbox and allow access to removable devices.

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u said FAT32... i think it is a windows 32 bit format (old) while catalina is 64 bit... not got mac, just trying to help you...

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