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CDJ 2000 nexus PANEL doesnt react

Hello, I have a CDJ 2000 nexus and the panel doenst react after the start or I get the error message "E-7022 - Panel CPU Error".. 

All started with a froozen display during playing and selecting a song from the recordbox library. 

Afterwards I tried to reflash the firmware and getting an error message: Panel firmware update failed at 8%.

Now when I start the CDJ it shows up the 

I tried already another USB Stick and format it as FAT32 MBR. 


Thanks already for your time and help! Any advice is welcome, I bought the player just 2 weeks ago.

David Beutler Answered

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If your player is showing a panel CPU error, then you'll need to either have it serviced or consider returning it if you're within the return period of your retailer. It's not something I'd ignore as it won't get better on its own.

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I have found some threads that there is a problem with the usage of Rekordbox for playing tracks? Is there any advice?

What I want try:

- Flashing the panel with an older Firmware but I dont find any older version.

- Flashing only the "MAIN" because, this fixed anyhow the problem last time. Maybe it was an coincidence but it has only flashed the MAIN and this worked for me. Does everyone know how to get to this flash mode?

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