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rekordbox dvs + interface 2 only beeps

hi there,

i connected my turntables (reloop mk1000) to the interface 2, connected the interface 2 to an extern mixer (also reloop), connected interface 2 to my pc, installed rekordbox, activated dj and dvs, calibrated both decks, set them to absolute, set the output routing to USB, tried eveything i found.

But I only get the timecode beeps whatever I am trying. Turntables connected to the Interface 2 via phono, switch set to phono. Interface 2 actually connected to the mixer via line but I tried phone as well. I have the demo track running on both decks and the timecode is working, when changing the needle it will change the position on the track. Just the sound is not working.

Has had anyone the same issues? What have I done wrong?

Help very much appreciated :-)

Jan Duske

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I found the solution, my pa volume was too low. So, okay, the sound is pretty bad (I might be able to calibrate this?) and the beep sound will always be that loud and underlaying every track? So loud its driving me nuts. How do you guys handle this?

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