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Needle drop countdown cdj-2000nxs2

Hello, Usually, when I'm playing from my USB, I use the needle drop on cdj-2000nxs2 to countdown for wherever I set the needle drop while the track is playing live (master deck). On the next track deck, I'll set a loop before the drop and do another needle drop countdown for the drop on the next track to give me another countdown of the drop. When both countdowns match, I release the loop and I'm certain that both tracks will drop at the same time correctly. I use this feature a lot for timing the drops of two tracks at the same time. It helps because it requires less preparation of every track beforehand. In a way it gives me more freedom to play tracks I haven't prepared before. The purpose of this post is to request to bring this amazing feature to PERFORMANCE mode (when using rekordbox dj). I feel it's a shame there is no way of using it the same way when playing in Performance mode instead of usb. I shared a link to a quick demo video of what I'm referring to in case my description wasn't clear enough. Please do share with me if there is a way to do it in Performance mode, if not, any suggestions for an easy on-the-fly way to accomplish what I want in Performance mode? https://photos.app.goo.gl/TgJEWhfEipZTKQLo6 Many thanks!
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Already on the list of things I'd love to see added to rekordbox but we don't have a timeline for implementation. Thanks for the feedback.

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