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New Features Sp 16 - From voting at Facebook group

New Features-From voting from Facebook group


This is the result from a open survey I made at the Toraiz facebook group about missing features. .

I love the sp-16, but it is always room for improvement.  The result shows what people are missing in the sp-16. 

Polyrhythmic sequencing +32 votes

Delete samples locally from sampler   +31 votes
Better editing of samples. (Crossfades, normalising, cut, truncate) +22 votes
Ability to use SP16 as Slave without midi timing issues  +20 votes
Arpeggiator Sample and midi   +17 votes
Two Fx on masterbus.  +12 votes
Modulation recording, Live Record parameters via knobs  +11 votes
Remember mute states on patterns  +10 votes
Better Reverb  +9 votes
Copy step on Seqencer  +8 votes
Better implementaion of touchstrip. (exampel: As a assignable modwheel that don´t have to be triggered)  +6 votes
Probability setting for notes (long shot)  +5 votes
Modulation of Analouge Filter. (If possible) +5 votes
Ping-pong on delay  +4 votes
More effects +4 votes
Possibility to use the stereo input as 2 different mono input.  +3 votes
Extra modulation source. Envelope/ LFO  +2 votes
Ability to extend pattern length to more than 4-bars (e.g. pattern chaining, automatically loop arrangement when it comes to the end)  +2 Votes
lower street price  0 votes
On Time/quantified mutes 0 votes
Arrangement of individual scenes and set order of arrangements on the fly (DJ Mode) 0 votes.
Kind regard
Per Karlsson Answered

Official comment


Hi Per,

I really appreciate you compiling that data.  I will be forwarding this, exactly as you formatted it, to the development team.


Thank You

Rhythm Droid
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No de-click option? I'd vote for that above anything else. 



James Croyden 0 votes
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And that’s how you get a feature request done! Nice one Per! Thanks.

Zig Zag 0 votes
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And proper mute implementation please, on sequencer level for both samples and midi! And enable recording from external midi keyboard for midi tracks + naming of midi tracks/CC!

I would pay for this update!

Errortrax 0 votes
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100% agree with the top 3 requests, that would elevate it to a competitive feature set.

Troels B-knudsen 0 votes
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