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New Features Sp 16 - From voting at Facebook group

New Features-From voting from Facebook group


This is the result from a open survey I made at the Toraiz facebook group about missing features. .

I love the sp-16, but it is always room for improvement.  The result shows what people are missing in the sp-16. 

Polyrhythmic sequencing +32 votes

Delete samples locally from sampler   +31 votes
Better editing of samples. (Crossfades, normalising, cut, truncate) +22 votes
Ability to use SP16 as Slave without midi timing issues  +20 votes
Arpeggiator Sample and midi   +17 votes
Two Fx on masterbus.  +12 votes
Modulation recording, Live Record parameters via knobs  +11 votes
Remember mute states on patterns  +10 votes
Better Reverb  +9 votes
Copy step on Seqencer  +8 votes
Better implementaion of touchstrip. (exampel: As a assignable modwheel that don´t have to be triggered)  +6 votes
Probability setting for notes (long shot)  +5 votes
Modulation of Analouge Filter. (If possible) +5 votes
Ping-pong on delay  +4 votes
More effects +4 votes
Possibility to use the stereo input as 2 different mono input.  +3 votes
Extra modulation source. Envelope/ LFO  +2 votes
Ability to extend pattern length to more than 4-bars (e.g. pattern chaining, automatically loop arrangement when it comes to the end)  +2 Votes
lower street price  0 votes
On Time/quantified mutes 0 votes
Arrangement of individual scenes and set order of arrangements on the fly (DJ Mode) 0 votes.
Kind regard
Per Karlsson Answered

Official comment


Hi Per,

I really appreciate you compiling that data.  I will be forwarding this, exactly as you formatted it, to the development team.


Thank You

Rhythm Droid
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No de-click option? I'd vote for that above anything else. 



James Croyden 0 votes
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And that’s how you get a feature request done! Nice one Per! Thanks.

Zig Zag 0 votes
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And proper mute implementation please, on sequencer level for both samples and midi! And enable recording from external midi keyboard for midi tracks + naming of midi tracks/CC!

I would pay for this update!

Errortrax 0 votes
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100% agree with the top 3 requests, that would elevate it to a competitive feature set.

Troels B-knudsen 0 votes
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Dear Pioneer

What is the status of this please?

Is the OS being worked on? Yes or No

NonExistantProductDevelopmentSupport 0 votes
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IMO the most important thing on that list is copy and pasting steps, and that should be fairly easy to implement.

My second most wished thing from the list would be trig probability. All the rest are just nice-to-haves but not mission critical in my opinion.

Martin Sotirov 0 votes
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