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Guys, can 2020 FINALLY be the year you put a whole load of us out of our lack of GOBO control misery!?


From what I can see, no one has bothered asking a GOBO related question since December 2018... Nor have we seen any updates from you since on the subject.


I've seen a really simple and clever solution on one post suggesting that in the LIGHTING FIXTURES where you show which DMX channels retaken by which functionality to simply add the ability to set a GOBO to a number between 1-255 (so as to select a specific GOBO value) and for there to be a RESET button next to it to take it back to the 'OPEN' standard setting if needs be.


Surely this can't be too much trouble for you brainy lot?


What is the reason there is such a hold up on something that is relatively simple?


Please respond.


Thanks in advance.

Graham Meeres Answered

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There's many functions we've been all asking for since day one, but unfortunately haven't made their way into the software yet. Unfortunately I don't have a public timeline available for the release of these features but our engineers are aware of the importance of this and many other requests.

Thank you for your patience.

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