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Windows audio glitching

Dear Pioneer

I would just like to know when you are planning to resolve the issue with the audio glitch and with the use of windows.

I have a Dell XPS laptop with 16 gig of ram and I 7 processor, along with your DDJ rzx controller.

there is no reason hardware wise that I should be having any issues and generally record box runs completely smooth except for these glitches, which if you planning to use the equipment out of the house is very annoying and off putting.

I have tried the troubleshooting advice on all the pages and none of this seems to work the only thing I haven't tried is down grading the window to 1709 ,, which to be honest shouldn't really be on the cards.

Is this something pioneer are working on as it seems a lot of people have spent a lot of money 4 a slightly defective program,, I know it may only be a little glitch but how my supposed to use my laptop in a club situation

Cheers Jamie


jamie clements Answered

Official comment


I wish that we could say it's going to work without flaws on every computer, but the truth is that every computer is different, even two identical models with the same hardware configuration, due to the software they're running. I've been working in IT for over 25 years and the fact that Windows is able to run on such a wide variety of hardware configurations is simply outstanding (so kudos to Microsoft).

We can't take all the blame when an update to software or a driver, or simply the installation of another application, causes rekordbox to perform sub-optimally, as we can't control those variables.

The best thing we can do is to provide support and troubleshoot the potential causes, and direct you to disable or remove any unnecessary software / services / hardware which may be interfering, change settings where applicable, or in some cases, recommend using a different computer altogether.

I will recommend you please file an inquiry ticket here as that will allow our support team to gather detailed information and communicate with the rekordbox team to try and determine the cause of your audio issues.

Thank you!

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