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Rekordbox freezes every half hour.

Hi everyone,
I purchased a laptop (Windows) with an i7 processor (tenth generation), 16Gb of RAM and ssd hard drives to use it with Rekordbox, but I have a problem: connecting my DDJ400 works fine, but at half-hourly intervals, the program "freezes" for 2 seconds also blocking audio output, then it goes back to working properly.

I did everything that could be done to optimize windows:
- I eliminated the antivirus (I use Defender which is lighter)
- I have disabled Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
- I deleted the paging file and the disk write cache
- I have disabled stanby and energy saving options (I only use the electricity network)

The Audio settings of Rekordbox are the default ones: "DDJ400 wasapi" with 256 buffer samples (5,8ms) but after exactly half an hour the "freezing" comes... and the thing was repeated every half hour.
I tried then to increase the buffer size in the settings up to "416 Samples" (9,4ms), but the result is identical.
Rekordbox and the controller itself (256 Samples) work fine and smoothly on an old PC i5 with 8Gb of RAM, so I don't think it's a controller problem... How can I solve it?
Thanks for all the suggestions you will give me.

Good evening

AGdDj Answered

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A few things you can try...

1) Update the BIOS (from the computer manufacturer)

2) Disable Turbo Boost

3) Ensure you don't have any other unnecessary background tasks / applications running which may interfere

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Thanks for your suggestions Pulse,
the computer is updated (I updated everything before installing RB), as well as the controller firmware, I also disabled Turbo Boost.
I also found a program that "turns off and on" totally the antivirus with a single click (ingenious).
All this did not give results...
I tried to increase the buffer almost to the maximum, I don't remember the value, but it is close to the maximum (I don't skratch) and this seems to eliminate the problem ... but I have not yet been able to try for the necessary time.
Where can I find a list of necessary or unnecessary Win10 background tasks?

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Does the computer have a secondary graphics adapter? If so, try selecting the other adapter as the one used by rekordbox.

You can also try using this latency monitor and with rekordbox closed, let the tool run for about 5-10 minutes, then see if there are any issues reported as causing interrupts or higher latency than expected.

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Hi Pulse,
the computer only has only one graphics adapter... it's a GeForce... I don't remember the model, but it's a "quiet" chip (not a gamers product) which obviously I have not overclocked or pushed to the limit.
I used DPC Latency Checker to see if everything was ok... and it seems that, with the last expedients (sleepy sloth latency), the system seems to work.
I will also try the program you suggested... maybe the analysis is more in-depth and I can understand more things.
However, the doubt remains: how is it possible that the same controller with the same software works much better on an old pc which, on paper, offers half the performance of the new one?
I have to deepen the processes of Win10 (which is new for me ... I used Win7 ... much more agile) to identify those useless and stop them.

Thank you

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