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Midi Mapping a Vestax PMC 05 Pro IV ?

Hi all,

I need to help to sort a problem I have with my mixer.

I use Interface 2 with Rekordbox, I got a mixer from Vestax that we can map to use with Rkb. I had no problem configuring hot cue and stuff like that but I can't get the two "crates" boutons to work properly. There's a rotary bouton for deck 1 ans another for deck 2, I can't get them to scroll my library, one bouton scroll down but not up and the other one scroll up but not down..

Is there a way to use both of them to scroll up and down ?

Also I had no problem configuring the load option.

I need help to configure or a file to import if members use the same mixer with Rekordbox.

Thanks for your help.


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