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Rekordbox Crashing

Hi guys, I have had an issue with rekordbox crashing during a live set. It has happened twice now in the past month. 

1st time the setup was rekordbox DJ version 5.8.2 using pioneer DDJ-RR. I was halfway through the night and deck 2 was playing. As deck 2 was coming to the end of the track i brought in deck 1 on a 8 beat loop. then all of a sudden the software froze and the track was as if I had a 1/64 loop activated and the only way to stop it was to crash out of rekordbox and re-open. The rest of the night was ok. 


2nd setup was last night using rekordbox performance version 5.8.3 using Nexus 2000 in HID mode. Very similar scenario when deck is coming to the end I mixed in an active loop and crashed again as if I had 1/64 loop activated. 


The 2 times I used different tracks and I have done about 7 gigs between the 2 issues and today I have tried to recreate the problem but sods law I cannot. 


Any ideas??


Using a macbook Air late mid 2011, 1.6 GHZ intel core i5 with 4GB memory

Craig Elliott Answered

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