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Catalina & Rekordbox 5.8.3 , not compatible

So far, I have been unable to get Rekordbox to work with Catalina 10.15.3.

First I tried with my current Music ( the app) collection where I made sure there was no smart playlists, only playlists folders & subfolders. Rekordbox can't read the XML file correctly.

I did a few tests with Music:
- Removed all the songs, deleted all the playlists, then exported as a Library XML.
Result: Rekordbox doesn't update the iTunes playlists! I was expecting to remove all the existing playlists. No changes. In order to get all the playlists to disappear, I have to delete Rekordbox Preferences & Cached files

- After having deleted Preferences & Cached files, I restart Rekordbox, then try to load a Music ( the app ) library XML file containing only one playlist folder containing two playlists.
Result: Rekordbox only load the playlist folder, can't see the contained playlists

So, I don't have high expectations from Rekordbox, this software has always been buggy, nothing works but how hard is it to read an XML file?

To make sure the problem only came from Rekordbox. I have emptied the Music ( yes, the app ) Library several times, then re-loaded the full library with songs, playlists & subfolders. Miracle, it actually works, the Library is restored.

And I don't even like Music (yes!) , the first thing it did was to turn all my playlists folders into Smart Playlists & created a total mess, so I had to manually convert these playlists back into playlist folders. It took me days

My advice to all the DJs who haven't yet upgraded to Catalina.


Stay with Mojave. 

That's my current solution now. Installed Mojave on an external drive & back with iTunes

PS: To all the Rekordbox developers out there, please resign & leave your job to people who understand Dj needs and who would rewrite the full application, start again from scratch and finally deliver the Rekordbox version we've all been praying for and this for so many years!

Patrick S

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