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DJS 1000 wont sync to CDJ2000NSX2?

Im not sure what im doing wrong, The usb pro link works fine for my NSX2 setup, I have the DJS 1000 connected to the CDJ's via ethernet and it will not sync to the tempo of the CDJ's.

Ive tried different cables, Connecting it to just one CDJ, Connecting it to both CDJs via a hub but still no sync.

If i hit master on the DJS 1000 i cant get it to un- master unless i switch it off, it refuses to recognise the CDJ as master?

aaron elliott

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Same problem. CDJ NXS2 assigned to 1, CDJ NXS2 assigned to  2, DJS 1000 assigned to 3. All 3 connected to my Lan Hub along with my mixer. All produce sound with no problem but DJS1000 is not syncing with CDJs after going into "LINK" on DJS 1000 and following directions per manual.

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