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Publicly Thanks and last shout request ever !


i would like to thank the toraiz sp-16 developement team to finally bring FX2 on the Toraiz that's great. But if you can also deliver more effects as it was planed at the beginning that would be amazing. [ but it take so many times guys ]

Full FX list: chorus, flanger, phaser, ring mod, tremolo, auto pan, distortion, lofi, delay, reverb, 2pole EQ, filter, compressor, limiter, ducker, vinyl brake, trans, roll

To tell you i'm thankful i bought for the third time the SP-16. Don't get me wrong now with 64sec, Live sampling and 2 fx slots it's better. I'm afraid you will drop anymore firmware update because the price massively drop seems like to get rid of the last item in stock and bye bye. I hope you will add those missing FX types. And if you can gives us an LFO2 it would be probably one of the best Sampler ever with the octatrack for sure.

Just sayin' - don't let us
it's ok in this state but with just the full FX list and a LFO2, you can really produce another batch - or you will let us and release a SP-16 mk2


Thanks anyway

Jessie James

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Thank you for the shout out, Jessie James. We're grateful for your contributions.

Rhythm Droid
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