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German Umlauts Ä, Ö, Ü on XDJ-XZ Touchscreen

Dear Pioneer-DJ-Team, i own the XDJ-RX2 ad the XDJ-XZ. Numerous German songs contain special characters or german umlauts. For German-DJ‘s it would be extremly helpful, if those characters could be embedded in the touch screen search keyboard, for example by pressing A, O or U for a prolonged time ( like an iPhone keyboard...). Could this issue be considered for future firmware updates? Thank you in advance! Matthias Siegler / Germany
Matthias Siegler Answered

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We're actually working to have the software ignore the specificity of those characters within a search. As an example, rather than creating a method to input all the extra characters, simply typing an "e" would also return any è ê ë é. I'm sure you can imagine this would be easier and faster than incorporating a way to type those other characters.

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Hi, thank you for your fast response. This solution would be absolutely perfect!
Keep it up!

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