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BPM Information from DJM 900NXS2 to DJS-1000: Sync with rekordbox

For over a year, many DJs have been waiting for the promised feature to synchronize the DJS-1000 with rekordbox DJ software. Except for a "we will do it" nothing happened. This is very very bad. By the way: Roland's StepSequencer can be synchronized with SERATO DJ - so it's very possible. (and is not even the same manufacturer....)

Therefore, until it finally comes, other possibilities are being sought to solve this problem in a roundabout way. The biggest problem is that if you start the DJS-1000 manually, with the same BPM setting of rekordbox and the DJS-1000, you will still be in sync. This is because it is not possible to press the START button 100% to the exact point. It always has to be corrected manually - and that's unnecessary time - and you can hear it by the slight rollover of the beat. To solve this problem, I'm looking for an option, with a Midi command from DDJ-XP2 or DJM-900NXS2.

DDJ-XP2 PAD > MIDI Start to DJS-1000
If I press CUE Point A as an example on the XP2, a START command on the DJS-1000 should be triggered simultaneously. This way a synchronization with high probability (at least at the beginning) is guaranteed at exactly the same BPM value. But I do not know how to create this command. Is that possible?


DJM-900NXS2 > MIDI Start to DJS-1000
If this is not possible with the XP2, another option would be to do this with the 900NXS2. Since you can also send MIDI commands to control rekordbox via the 900NXS2, you could for example press "TAB" or "ON/OFF Send.Return" to trigger the CUE point A of rekordbox and START of DJS-1000.


Is there any way that rekordbox can finally send the BPM or BAR information to the DJS-1000?

THANK YOU for your help and the great support
Greetings, Marco

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Mark Rebell

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