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Toraiz SP16 - Top 5 feature request

This TOP 5 feature request would massively improve this amazing machine:

1. Mute function: needs to work on sequencer level for samples and MIDI. Right now muting is flawed. On samples it cuts the audio (not musical), and muting a MIDI track sends all notes off when it should instead only mute the sequence of that track. The Analog Rytm gets this right, use that as example of proven workflow.

2. The sequencer needs to record incoming midi from a MIDI keyboard. Live recording and also per step record -> this is standard workflow on a hardware sequencer (MPC, Octatrack...).

3. Naming of MIDI tracks and MIDI CC, there's an amazing onscreen keyboard that begs to be used for this!

4. Copy/paste individual steps.

5. Programmable arpeggiator, like the one on the Octatrack.

Update 1.6 was really appreciated, hopefully that wasn't the last and you are still committed to further developing what could become the best sampler/sequencer on the market!

Errortrax Answered

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Thank you Errortrax. Your suggestions have been conveyed.

Rhythm Droid
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Thanks for that.

Regarding the mute function, from what i understand the DJS-1000 mutes the events of the sequencer instead of the audio, can't this feature be ported over to the SP-16? And also apply to midi? This is how mutes on a sequencer normally work.

Errortrax 1 vote
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To second what Errotrax said, the 1.6 update really really was appreciated, and agreed also - please don't let that be the last. 

This instrument is so much fun. Please keep it alive. 

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