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DM-40 Monitors: Right speaker sounds a bit louder than the other

This happens from the very first day. Thought it was normal because de difference is not to big but now I wonder if it's broken or something. It's something you wouldn't notice when the volume is up but when you turn it down to minimum, you can hear how the left speaker stops working while the other has enough power to play. Also when I test them separately, with normal volume, I can tell one is slightly louder than the other. 

Arnau Junquera i Orozco

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Having similar problems with the left speaker. If the volumes low i get nothing from the left. Could it be something to do with the cabling? It's phono from my ddj800 to the jack in the back of the speakers. Would phono to phono be a better option?

Sam Garlick 0 votes
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