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Rekordbox doesn't recognize my mikrophone (DDJ-400)

My Rekordbox (version 5.8.5) doesn't recognizes my mikrophone after i plugged it into the controller. Rekordbox then still says: [Mixer] and not [Mixer/Mic] as it should do. I plugged in a mic via a 6.3 mm jack adapter (mono) without external power(everything as the instructions). I don't hear any sound and rekordbox doesn't open the menu where i can adjust the mic.



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Hey Ather,

You won't see any mic option within rekordbox with the DDJ-400; it's a direct-to-hardware mic, there is no input from the DDJ-400 to rekordbox.

If your mic is not working, please be sure you're using a TS (non-balanced) 6.3mm (1/4") connector and that you adjust the mic volume on the back of the DDJ.

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