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RekordBox DJ and proDJlink for BeatSync

Hi dear family of Pioneer DJ.

I have some technically question about RekordBoxDJ (performance mode).

I'm thinking to expand my DJ set with a Pioneer DJ Toraiz SP-16, but in my studio, I only have a DDJ-1000 wich works with RekordBox DJ.

Question: Is it possible to conect the sp-16 to RekordBox DJ (USB or RJ45 to laptop) and make work the BeatSync (like on a nexus setup and the sp-16, using proDJlink)?

If it's possible: How I can do that? And I supouse that this conections works with other devices that have BeatSync using proDJlink, like rmx-1000 or other stand allone CDJ...

Thanks for your atention.

SashillAnderson Answered

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Hey Sasha,

Unfortunately there is currently no way for the SP-16 or other ProDJ Link equipment to sync with rekordbox in performance mode. We hope future updates will include some way of incorporating these devices for a more unified performance.

Thanks for your feedback.

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