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DJM600 Grounding Issues

I am currently getting noise through my speakers when my DJM600 is connected with 3 CDJ900s.

I initially thought that this was a grounding loop issue.To remedy this I ensured that everything connected to the mixer was plugged into the same loop but the issue persisted. 

I eventually worked out that if none of the CDJs were connected to the mixer and only the speakers were connected there was no noise. To make sure that the CDJs were not an issue I plugged one directly into the speaker and it produced no noise. If I plug one CDJ back into the mixer with the speakers connected there is noise again.

In the past I have occasionally received a buzz from the face plate of the mixer so assumed that it must have grounding issues. The power supply has a 3 pin plug at the end so I disassembled the plug and despite having three pins it only had two wires connected. I assumed that there was a cable missing to the mixer so disassembled to take a look. It turns out there are only two cables that connect to the power assembly and no ground. 

Is there some sort of hardware issue occurring here with the power supply?

Tim Ellis Answered

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