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Strange problem

Hi there,


I have a very strange problem. I have my DJM 450 and my XDJ 1000 MK2 linked up to my PC via USB. I have been using Recordbox without any issues for a year now. 

However recently I am seeing that the channel meter lights are moving when music is playing, even when the faders are down. The music you hear through the speakers (plugged into the DJM) corresponds with the faders on the DJM.

When Iook at the sound settings I see he following:

I can no longer select the DJM as output for the decks, just the ASIO.

I am pretty desperate right now, hopefully you can help.



Marc l'Amie

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The ASIO driver is the one you should be selecting as that allows for multiple channels of output.

You should see the channel activity on the meters when the faders are down; this is a pre-fader level monitor.

Everything looks normal from what I can tell.

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