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Feature Requests

1.Add Banks for the 16 sample pads. Like the Akai MPCx, at least 8.

2. Reverb Effects

3. Export Glitch Fix- (tracks show blank when exporting to USB sometimes)

Thank You!

Eb Flow

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Hi Eb Flow,

Thank you for your input! Adding multiple banks for the 16 sample pads as an update when it wasn't in the original architecture is theoretically possible provided there is enough RAM--but even if so, may very hefty rewriting of the OS because of RAM and DSP availability and allocation--but I will certainly convey this to the engineering team. It would be useful for some users.

Reverb effects would be fantastic and useful, this has been conveyed to the engineering team.  Reverb of the quality that we would be proud to include in a product is DSP intensive and may not be possible as a track effect. But we can certainly hope.  Worst case scenario, might I suggest resampling through something like a TC Electronic Hall of Fame pedal? Very affordable quality reverb!

3. Just to clarify, the names are blank, or there is no audio data in the tracks but there should be?

Rhythm Droid
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Thank you for the response! To clarify on the export glitch to USB drive. When I export the file names are there. But no audio, even though it shows a time length of the sample. I've tried multiple times, sometimes it works sometimes not. But I think it does work most the time when I connect the Toraiz direct USB to computer. Thanks! Look forward to any new features and improvements!

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