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RekordBox 6 and my future as a Pioneer DJ .. you're kidding me right?? NOTHING BUT A D*** MONEY GRAB! 

I been in the business for over 30 years and this is the biggest f***ing joke.

I've paid for the full suite, even used the software when it was just a simple package, while others were still using other software and have own all kinds of Pioneer gear over those years, in fact was getting ready for a update this summer.  I've been with the hundreds, maybe thousands, that have praised your hardware.  And proud of it!!

And now I have to pay additional every month for the HONOR of using Rekordbox, on top of spending thousands of dollars on new equipment?!?! Hell even your competition only charged me a one time upgrade fee!! 

Do not get me wrong, I have no problem paying for a simple fee to update, at least give me the option.  And what about the people that just bought Ver 5 or got a free license to use it, to only be spat in the face!

What I do have a problem with is that, with all the subscriptions and fees I pay every month to others, I don't need another one!


Thanks Pioneer for making me start questioning my decisions for my next purchases especially my hardware, you probably saved me thousands.

DJ Mattrix

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Wait till you wee what it did to your intelligent playlists, 100 percent of mine are blank now.. 


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As with every new software, don't update till its stable. I have 2 macbooks set up identical to back each other up. i installed RB6 on one and its terrrible. wiped it and went back to RB5. I seriously don't need any of what it has to offer anyway. Network features are useless when i play festivals, in the middle of a field with barely any signal. or in a concrete rebar venue that gets one bar on my phone. So here in lies the problem with this software. With this addition and excessive use of processing power, this "new" pay to use and antiquated "cloud" based system is not what professional dj's, working dj's are looking for. If you need an example you only have to look to Apple. When the iphone 5 came out so did its cloud. they said no one would ever need more than 64gb of storage because of the cloud. fast forward to 2020 and the iphone 11 pro with 512gb of storage! plans for the next generation to use 1tb of storage. why? nobody wants to be denied their data storage because of lack of signal its rediculous. to offer it as a feature to be reliable to stream from services is also laughable. it may be cute for djing at home, but its so impractical for serious djing.

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id just like to roll this back 10 years.

imagine you buy a DJM-600 Mixer. 

Channel 3 and 4 is locked as DLC.

When you turn the effects knob, only 3 out of the 8 effects will work, locked as DLC.

Auto BPM you can only have for free if you buy the DJM-600S Silver Edition.



pioneer have looked at the gamer market and looked at DLC and jumped on board.

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