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Toraiz Sp-16 Sync with Xdj 1000 or Djm 900 nxs

hi, i would like to use my Toraiz Sp-16 with syncronization with my Xdj 1000 Mk2 to make fast mash up, is correct to plug with rj 45 cables the 2 players with Toraiz ?

or it can be only a connection between Toraiz and Mixer Djm 900 Nxs  by Pro Link ?

I would that all can be in perfect way of syncronization for making fast work of changes etc.

Thank you i appreciate it your help

il_replico Answered

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Yes - simply connect the ethernet between the players / mixer by way of a network switch, and then on the SP-16 select the ProDJ Link as the sync source.

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Thank you for answer. So between Xdj 1000 mk2 and Djm-900 its same correct ?.. or 2 players or 1 mixer can be  connected to Toraiz.

for now i have tested only a direct link xdj1000 mk2 to toraiz, cause i need to order the network hub, the Toraiz setting with Beat Sync

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