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Make Ableton Link bidirectional


I've tested LInk in RB6:

- Link on the RB side is unable to get properly the downbeat of a master deck already playing. So if we are already mixing, and then we want to synchronize it with Ableton, it's impossible to do it flawlessly. It needs a "pause", then relaunch the deck, with a quantized cue for exemple, on the Link's grid.

- Half of the time, when Link is launched first on RB, RB jumps to the BPM of Ableton. The other half, that's what should be the normal behavior: RB is master and Ableton slave, following the RB's BPM. seems to be buggy

- When Link is activated on both side, the tempo can only be changed through Ableton or the Popup window in RB. The pitch fader of a playing deck should be able to make it too.

- When the option "Allow BPM Sync with double / half BPM" is checked, half of the time if we launch LInk first on RB, it will half the BPM of the master deck. And then if we link the deck, this one will be doubled.

Thanks to report it and do something for this long awaited function to work properly. 


BAB's Ol

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I fully agree here. The current implementation within Rekordbox performance mode is good enough for home usuage, but inadequate for a dj gig because of the mentioned reasons.

The potential for good usage is definitely there, kindly fix this please. 

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