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Serato via DJ Pro Link?

Hey everyone,

So here's the equipment used and how it is all connected for context:

Two CDJ-2000nxs2

One DJM-900nxs2

All are connected via an ethernet hub to create the "Pro DJ Link" network. There are 2 ethernet cable leads plugged into the hub and 2 USBs going out from the mixer USB A and USB B outs for laptop DJs to add their laptop into the network. 


I know the above set-up allows for HID mode to RekordBox across all units and only needing the one USB cable from the mixer to the laptop. But can the above set-up also do the same thing with Serato? If so, what all would be needed to do this on the Serato side (club kit?) and pioneer side as far as software is concerned?

Reasoning for wanting the above: The convention company I work for is trying to simplify the coffin case set-up we have for the DJs we bring in for shows. I've been given the task of figuring out how to do that. Basically I want this 1 set-up to be as dummy proof as possible so a DJ can just plug in the ethernet cable and usb cable labeled "Laptop A/Laptop B" into their laptop and be good to go whether they are using sertato or rekordbox. The set-up I've seen in the past needs 2 USBs going from the CDJs into a USB dongle which is then plugged into a laptop and a USB going from the mixer directly into a USB port on the same laptop. If I can eliminate all of those cables and dongles, that would be ideal.


Thanks in advance everyone


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