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trying to recover playlists and music from my export device

hello guys

so baisaclly i tried this guide


which unfourtunetly didnt work. when i went to the usb it didnt showed me playlists nor songs to import from there . and i dont know why

so this is the first issue


and another question that i have is . witht the usb i was trying to export and import to my new laptop . i have there alot of music and i can still use it when i play music when i plug it to my controller but the question is . it dosent show me it in the rekordbox so if im gonna put new music . after it shows me everything is empty but when i play music on the controller i have everything . will after i put new music in the rekordbox and sync manager it . is the old music is going to disapper ? because im scared to sync manager it and export it cuz it dosent show the music i have on the rekordbox program itself . if someone can answer me to this question itll be amazing


Shahar Zilkha Answered

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i have all the songs in the usb . but its just that the playlist and all the organisation is not there which is very sad to me

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