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Routing audio from Rekordbox to Ableton Live via DDJ-1000

I have the following setup:

Rekordbox is using DDJ-1000 as audio.

Ableton has DDJ-1000 as input and built-in speaker as output.



Route 4 decks in Rekordbox directly to Ableton Live. I'd like to EQ and use Ableton Live audio effects to 4 decks individually and output to a separate audio interface.

Current behavior:

I'm receiving an output from DDJ-1000 and I can output Ableton Live to a separate audio interface.


It appears that DDJ-1000 sends all four decks to channel 11 and 12. Is there a way to route audio for each 4 decks separately instead of going through an aggregate output?

This would be complete my dream Rekordbox + Ableton Live setup.


Ky Hyeun Lee

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