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Which remix creation software do people use?

What software and workflows do most of you use use for sampling or remixing these days before rendering and playing out via Pioneer guy in clubs? DAW soft-samplers like Ableton's Simpler or Logic's ESX-24, or programmes like Melodyne/Audionamix/RX? Or do most of you still use hardware samplers and sample vinyl etc..or just get stems from the original writer and import them into your DAW and chop them up/process etc..? I've used Melodyne for years, RX for clean-up and Revoice Pro for vocal an instrument tuning and alignment etc.. but has anyone tried Hit'n' Mix Infinity? You can use that to separate and edit the audio within different layers of instruments and vocals etc..I still love the old 'visit charity shop or vinyl emporium/buy-cheap records/sample them into my sampler and chop them up in Ableton' approach though but it's often a bit time consuming these days when there are faster options..


Jeremy Lloyd

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