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Cloud Sync and downloading tracks on multiple devices

I've configured Cloud Sync to work across 2 macbooks:

  • 1 is my primary where all my tracks are stored locally, and copied to a dropbox folder for cloud sync
  • 2nd is my work computer that reads from the dropbox folder


It's not clear what the expected behavior is for tracks downloaded on my second computer.

Will tracks ever make it back to my iTunes library on the first computer? Or will they only be available via Dropbox.

If I ever want to export tracks to my USB, I assume everything would need to be in the iTunes library on the 1st computer? or can I sync my USB from either computer and the export will just pull from the dropbox folder?

Ethan Rader Answered

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@Ethan > If you add those songs from Dropbox into iTunes, then they'll be available to iTunes. The source location on the drive doesn't matter for iTunes, so long as they've been imported.

Anything added to the second computer won't automatically get into iTunes on the first computer - you'd need to manually add them.

To export songs to a USB, you can sync from either computer as it's the same database.

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